Handmade Home Accessories

Our Home department is full of unique and beautiful handmade home accessories that will bring your home to life! With our unique home decorations you can add simple elegance and bold color to any room and our unique home products are available in a variety of colors!
Black and Navy Stenciled Flower Candle HoldersBlack and Navy Stenciled Flower Candle Holders$17.00 Black and White Large Origami Crane MobileBlack and White Large Origami Crane Mobile$68.00 Black Swirls Candle HoldersBlack Swirls Candle Holders$17.00 Bloom Eco-Friendly Modern PlacematsBloom Eco-Friendly Modern Placemats$18.00
Blue Cherry Blossoms Candle HoldersBlue Cherry Blossoms Candle Holders$17.00 Blue Fish Eco Art Throw PillowsBlue Fish Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00 Blue Fish Eco-Friendly Cloth NapkinsBlue Fish Eco-Friendly Cloth Napkins$24.00 Blue Stars Small Origami Crane MobileBlue Stars Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50
Dahlia Eco Art Cotton Throw PillowDahlia Eco Art Cotton Throw Pillow$40.00 Fall Leaves Candle HoldersFall Leaves Candle Holders$17.00 Gold and Silver Leaves Candle HoldersGold and Silver Leaves Candle Holders$17.00 Green Small Origami Crane MobileGreen Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50
Happy Crab Blue Eco-Friendly Cloth NapkinsHappy Crab Blue Eco-Friendly Cloth Napkins$24.00 Jellyfish Eco Art Throw PillowsJellyfish Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00 Light Blue and Purple Flowers Large Origami Crane MobileLight Blue and Purple Flowers Large Origami Crane Mobile$68.00 Light Blue Flowers Candle HoldersLight Blue Flowers Candle Holders$17.00
Navy Blue Small Origami Crane MobileNavy Blue Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50 Navy Flowers Candle HoldersNavy Flowers Candle Holders$17.00 Palm Fond Organic Eco Art Throw PillowsPalm Fond Organic Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00 Passion Flower Eco-Friendly Cloth NapkinsPassion Flower Eco-Friendly Cloth Napkins$24.00
Passion Flower Eco-Friendly Modern PlacematsPassion Flower Eco-Friendly Modern Placemats$18.00 Pink and Black Small Origami Crane MobilePink and Black Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50 Pink Blossoms Candle HoldersPink Blossoms Candle Holders$17.00 Pink Flowers Large Origami Crane MobilePink Flowers Large Origami Crane Mobile$68.00
Purple Flowers Candle HoldersPurple Flowers Candle Holders$17.00 Purple Small Origami Crane MobilePurple Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50 Red and Pink Flowers Candle HoldersRed and Pink Flowers Candle Holders$17.00 Red Poppys Candle HoldersRed Poppys Candle Holders$17.00
Red Rock Shrimp Eco-Friendly Cloth NapkinsRed Rock Shrimp Eco-Friendly Cloth Napkins$24.00 Saffron and Pink Flowers Candle HoldersSaffron and Pink Flowers Candle Holders$17.00 Sand Dollar Eco Art Throw PillowsSand Dollar Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00 Sea Turtle Ocean Eco Art Throw PillowsSea Turtle Ocean Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00
Teal Flowers Candle HoldersTeal Flowers Candle Holders$17.00 Wave Eco Art Throw PillowsWave Eco Art Throw Pillows$40.00 White Cherry Blossoms Candle HoldersWhite Cherry Blossoms Candle Holders$17.00 Yellow Small Origami Crane MobileYellow Small Origami Crane Mobile$41.50
Still Life with Flowers Modern PrintStill Life with Flowers Modern Print$30.00 Golden Vase Modern PrintGolden Vase Modern Print$30.00 Flowers in a Vase Modern PrintsaleFlowers in a Vase Modern Print$15.00 Quiet Garden Modern PrintQuiet Garden Modern Print$30.00
Art Garden Modern PrintArt Garden Modern Print$30.00 Fruit and Kettle Modern PrintFruit and Kettle Modern Print$30.00 Geranium Flower Pot Modern PrintsaleGeranium Flower Pot Modern Print$15.00 Colorful Vase Modern Flower PrintsaleColorful Vase Modern Flower Print$15.00
Seattle Garden Modern PrintSeattle Garden Modern Print$30.00 Sailboats Modern Summer PrintsaleSailboats Modern Summer Print$15.00 Sailboats and Houses Modern Summer PrintSailboats and Houses Modern Summer Print$30.00 Sunset Beach Modern Summer PrintsaleSunset Beach Modern Summer Print$15.00
Calla Lilies Flower Modern Art PrintsaleCalla Lilies Flower Modern Art Print$15.00 Garden House Modern PrintsaleGarden House Modern Print$15.00 Private Garden Modern PrintsalePrivate Garden Modern Print$15.00 Farm House Modern PrintsaleFarm House Modern Print$15.00
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